Electrochemical marking systems

The system of electrochemical marking is ideal for large-scale industrial production because it is cheaper than laser and serigraphic marking But cost saving is not the only advantage. Unlike serigraphy, the electrochemical marking is permanent; and, unlike laser marking, it does not damage the stainless steel surface, but rather increases its corrosion resistance.

For over ten year, Nitty-Gritty’s pickling machines have also been able to perform electro-chemical marking. Thanks to this expertise, Nitty-Gritty has developed a range of products for the marking of: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, titanium.

Nitty-Gritty’s machines are technologically advanced, handy, portable and easy to use. They can perform a permanent,quick, easy marking not only in the traditional black but also in white thanks to the erosion feature.

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