Passi Test Plus

Passi Test Plus is a tool designed to assess the real quality of stainless steel. It consists of a “probe pen”, which contains the electrochemical solution, and an external storage unit. By pressing the probe pen on the surface, Passi Test Plus measures and stores data on the open-circuit potential and nobility of a metal, […]

Passi Test

Passi Test is a tool designed for those who need to know exactly the real quality of the stainless steel. It consists of a “probe pen” – which will be put on the superface to be tested – containing the electrochemical system and a reading external unity. Passi Test measures the open-circuit potential and the […]

Inox Test

Inox Test is designed to identify the most common stainless steel alloys. Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, its liquids neither leak nor damage the product, and the result is provided in just 10/15 seconds. Inox Test identifies different stainless steel alloys by means of an electrochemical test and other quick […]

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